Family Connect Care

Welcome to Family Connect Care, where our mission is to assure that our clients receive the very best medical, personal, and emotional care from their care providers. We work with the “Chronologically Gifted” and their families to enhance quality of life, encourage independence, and assure a safe and supportive living environment.


Lauren Spiglanin

Lauren Spiglanin, Founder of Family Connect Care

We provide a growing range of services to our clients, which are all focused on assuring the best care and both physical and mental well-being of their loved ones. Primary services include:

Complete care management and assurance based on a care plan we create with you. We then work with your care providers to assure all necessary services are provided to maintain the best possible quality of life for your loved ones. Read more

Care management is especially critical during transitions, whether from the home to a community, from one community to another, or even from a community to the home. We help to ensure a smooth transition without interruption of essential services from your providers. Read more…

Whether your loved one is in the home or currently living in a community, if you’re in need of finding a community that best meets your needs and circumstances, we can help. Usually this service is provided at no cost to you. Read more…

Matching caregivers with families is an important process, so that caregiver personalities mesh with those of the patient. We stay involved with all placements until the right matches are made. Read more…

Seeing to the best, dignified care of an aging loved one can cause stress on families and lead to conflict and drama, especially when time demands and financial burdens are shared disproportionately. This can lead to outright disagreement, family arguments, or even threats of legal action. Unfortunately, it’s the person in need of care who suffers as the family acts out on their disagreement. Lauren is a certified mediator and can help. Read more…

  • Advanced Directives

We can assist with writing, helping you write, or review advanced directives to detail your medical wishes in the event that you cannot advocate for yourself. The advanced directive addresses medical decisions such as the use of life support systems, CPR, surgery, organ donation, blood transfusion, and medications. You can specify and name a health care agent to make decisions for you and, if desired, indicate your preference for housing arrangements, and even direct whether or not you want an autopsy.While the written advanced directive typically follows a standard format, commonly issued by the California Medical Association, it’s important to augment this with additional instructions in your own words to more accurately guide health care professionals. This can be done with either written instructions or video. Family Connect Care can help you create either.

Fees for Services

Generally, there is a one-time fee for a comprehensive geriatric care assessment. Once the assessment is reviewed with the client and family, if daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly care management services are selected, they are billed using an hourly rate.

The fees for other support services will vary depending upon the service, frequency and required follow-up. All fees for services are presented to the client and family in writing for their review and consent.

For your convenience we offer day, evening and weekend appointments.