Sometimes Love is not Enough

Is it time to ask for help?

Safe and Cheerful Memory Care Homes in Torrance, CA.

Brand new homes with the care, amenities, and stimuli to thrive.

Expert Care Management Can Make All the Difference

This may be a new stage of life, and it may be unsettling for everyone involved. Knowing all the options of care can breathe new opportunities and help your loved one thrive.

Certified Music & Memory Therapy

Personalized playlists are another way to help reduce reliance on many forms of medication and find renewed joy in life.

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We Can Help

We know that the safety, care, and comfort of your loved one is your top priority. That’s why you give your time, your energy, and everything you have to care for them—but

Sometimes, Love is Not Enough. 

If you have a loved one suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss, it is hard to go at it alone. Even at this difficult stage, your loved one can thrive, and you can achieve some peace of mind – avoid the bitter second-guessing. Care at home with Care Management and Coordination, Placement and a home setting that specializes in Memory Care are just a few of the services available.

Call Lauren with Family Connect Memory Care in Torrance, CA for an assessment of the current conditions and for a better understanding of what the future may bring. Contact us for a chat.

Memory Care Homes

Our homes in Torrance offer the right services for those with cognitive challenges, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.


Care Management

When personalized or temporary services, like medication management or placement, are needed.


In-Home Care

Many persons afflicted with dementia prefer to live at home with the assistance of professional caregivers.



Why Family Connect Care?

Lauren has a special gift when working with seniors and their families. She endeared herself to my mom within 5 minutes of meeting her. This was not an easy task as my mom is not a “people” person. Lauren was very thorough in her assessment of my mom’s condition as well as how to keep her safe and healthy in my home. She gave us very doable, affordable changes to make in mom’s wardrobe and my home, which gave me some much needed peace of mind.

Linda Buffington

Lauren is a beautifully caring and compassionate woman. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a client (elderly person) in need. I would want her on my team if I were no longer able to function well on my own! She is also a woman of vision, possessing forward and inclusive thinking, and wonderful organizational skills. I have been impressed and inspired by Lauren on multiple occasions. She knows how to positively impact the lives of individuals dealing with loved ones with dementia.

Nancy Siskowic

Nurse Practitioner

Lauren is a consummate professional. She is honest, straightforward and possesses the highest level of integrity. While always remaining professional Lauren has a huge heart and knows the right words to get you and your family members through some of the toughest times in your lives. I trust her completely and thank her for her warm heart, expertise and knowledge. She will not only be a source for you to turn to for her priceless knowledge, but also for her kindness. She truly makes a difference.

Lisa-Marie Silver

Gifted by age is the endearing term coined by Lauren Spiglanin which reflects her respect for the Senior community. Lauren is a professional consultant in the field of geriatrics and provides the highest quality care for those who are gifted by age.

Lucia Johnson

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