Here are a few things people say about Lauren and Family Connect Care.


The moment my mom went to one of Lauren Spiglanin’s presentations, she knew she had found our family’s advocate, leading light, and comforter. There was no doubt Lauren and her staff were the people to take our family, and, most importantly, our mom through this difficult journey. Lauren’s knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer’s is immense. Available 24/7, Lauren listened, giving us gentle suggestions as we initially tried to keep our dad at home, but as we saw what my dad’s dementia was doing to our mom, Lauren gave options for what we could do to place him somewhere that could care for him. As his days continued and dementia was taking him, she helped us find his final placement. When he was called Home, she and her staff held our hand through the sadness. Lauren is considered a beloved daughter, sister, and forever family member. We truly don’t know what we would have done without her. We are forever grateful.

~ Lori King

Although we observed our parents as they dealt with our grandparents’ Dementia / Alzheimer’s journeys, we were unprepared and overwhelmed when our mother became afflicted. We questioned ourselves at ever turn and every decision. Lauren has been a wonderful advocate for mom. Her advice and counsel has always put mom first while assuring us nothing has been overlooked.

Lauren and her team were able to befriend mom in the face of initial resistance. This relationship allows effective care management and continuous monitoring of her condition. When issues have emerged, they have been dealt with quickly and easily. Whether making small changes to her care plan, finding a geriatric specialist or accompanying mom to the ER; Lauren’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. Her monitoring and perspective has resulted in avoiding issues all together.

Prior to involving Lauren, mom was deteriorating both physically and emotionally. With Lauren’s help, there has been improvement in her health and quality of life. We are very happy to have added Lauren as a member of our family.

~ Tim & Wade

On my yearly cross-country visit, I found my usually together mom and her home in total disarray; her memory lapses much worse than could be discerned from our weekly phone calls. To make matters worse, my siblings and I were not seeing eye-to-eye on her condition or how we should proceed with her care. Thank goodness, as I desperately reached out for help, someone along the way recommend Lauren and her team. After one call with Lauren, I knew we were in good hands. She quickly arranged a meeting with mom, assessed the situation, came up with a plan for her care and was able to facilitate communication between the siblings. She is organized, efficient and on top of things! But most importantly, she became my mother’s biggest advocate. Treating mom, as she does all her clients, like her own mother or father, with love, dignity and respect. Most of us are dealing with aging parents for the first time, and watching them slipping can be scary and disconcerting. Lauren calmed our fears and anxieties and, with her invaluable depth and breadth of experience, guided us gently but firmly around pitfalls and booby traps of geriatric care. Lauren and her team are personally dedicated and committed to the safety, health and happiness of their clients. Mom is now living across country near me and adjusting well. The transition was made all the easier with Lauren’s counseling and assistance. We were a family in crisis and we can’t thank Lauren and her team enough for their intervention and service to our mother.

~ E. Kinsinger

My sister & I have been working with Lauren for the last 10 months. We have found Lauren to be an extremely compassionate person in caring for our mother. She is very, very knowledgeable in her field of care advocate of the elderly and those with dementia/Alzheimer’s. She is always available at a moments notice in answering questions or meeting with the family of the loved one. In addition to all the knowledge and education she has, Lauren makes the transition of the loved one seem so much easier when the time comes for a change.There is trust between her and the loved one that becomes very apparent right away.

Working with Lauren has been so helpful and insightful into the mind of a person with dementia/Alzheimer’s. It is just too hard to do it alone, she is there to offer guidance & assistance.

~ L. Messeri

One of the most difficult decisions I have made in my life is trying to determine whether to keep my mother at home, post stroke, or place her in a care home. The immense amount of guilt you feel can be overwhelming and leave you feeling uncertain at every turn. I was fortunate to call on Lauren and Family Connect Care to help me through this difficult decision-making process. There are so many options and types of assisted living / senior care facilities I was so unsure over which facility would be right for my mother in particular after caring for her myself for the past five years. Lauren assuaged my fears and gave me the security and reassurance I needed to make this life-changing decision.

Lauren presented options in a completely digestible, relatable manner. She gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decision to place her in a loving facility with 24-hour care. I would never have been able to do that without all of her insight and knowledge. Even after my mother was placed in her new home, Lauren continues to be present, checking in and providing guidance for future considerations in terms of my mother’s care. She is marvelous at what she does and is truly committed to ensuring you can make the best, most informed decision. Lauren and her team at Family Connect Care treat you as if you are their family and your loved ones are their loved ones, her dedication and insight is truly one-of-a-kind.

~ Kathleen Rarewala

With two aging parents (ages 89 and 91) and a special needs 62 year old brother all living in the family home, to say we had a full plate was an understatement in the extreme. For many years they managed quite well on their own and then with the help of part time caregivers coming to their home several days a week.

All that changed last November when our mother had a stroke, was hospitalized and then transferred to a board and care. The day-to-day management of our family’s needs became an almost impossible challenge. We were overwhelmed, sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and scared to death.

Enter Lauren Spiglanin of Family Connect Care, introduced to us by staff at the board and care. We met Lauren and instantly knew she was going to be our “air traffic controller.” Within minutes of meeting Lauren and hearing about her service, we could feel the anxiety and stress melt away. My husband barely let her say two sentences before he said “You’re hired” and since that first meeting Lauren has guided our family with care, compassion and wise counsel. Lauren and her staff are a liaison between the elder and their family taking care of the daily activities of living, whether it be health care management, accompanying the elder to medical visits and updating the family, visiting the elder to see that their needs are met to stepping in and comforting the family as she did a week ago when our father passed away at age 92.

By not having to deal with all the mechanics of caring for elderly family, Lauren has made it possible for us to have quality time to love, cherish and reflect as a family not bogged down with the impossible burdens of elder care.

We are pleased and honored to give Lauren our highest recommendation. We are truly indebted to this wonderful individual and thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Paul and Debbie Pifer

Lauren Spiglanin is innately responsive and compassionate in her demeanor, which was very calming and reassuring to our family’s concerns about the care required for our father’s dementia. Furthermore, Ms. Spiglanin’s professionalism and experience with elder care made communicating many nuanced issues clear and concise. This was a tremendous relief to our family knowing that our father is in responsible and empathic hands.

I enthusiastically recommend Lauren Spiglanin of Family Connect Care.


~ James Kwan

Sometimes in life we are lucky to meet those with huge hearts who have the caring gene in them for the “chronologically challenged.” I’ve been blessed to meet two such people. One is my wife Helene who as a RN cared for the elderly. The second is Lauren Spiglanin who I can assure you deserves the nickname the “Dementia Whisperer”.

My brother Tom and I contacted Lauren regarding our parents George and Marion who have been living in a senior care facility in Las Vegas for five years now. George is 92 with Alzheimer’s and Marion is 88 with severe dementia.

We expressed the need for Lauren to meet my parents and then conduct a family orientation on dementia and provide feedback to the seven adult siblings based on her experience.

I provided Lauren a 30 minute DVD of George and Marion’s life prior to her flying to Las Vegas. Lauren met both George and Marion and was immediately able to engage both into conversations which is no small feat. Lauren also taped her meetings and sent the videos out to all of us. We are all spread out over the US and I live in Uruguay so the video now has sentimental value.

Then a 90 minute conference call was conducted with all the siblings where Lauren expressed her observations on George and Marion’s situation. I believe Lauren taught all of us how best to adapt to the fact that George and Marion are in their last chapter of the lives and they are comfortably and safely ensconced in their “home”. Lauren also provided real life experiences of those who chose to upset their parent’s tranquility and the results were unenviable.

Our family is grateful to have such a knowledgeable resource and friend in Lauren.
I would urge anyone to contact Lauren if you want to learn about your loved ones and how best to treat them with dignity and respect.
Thanks and hugs to Lauren.

~ J. G. M.

Lauren Spiglanin has been a Godsend to my mother and our family. I truly do not know how we would have navigated the choppy waters of Dementia without her support. She goes above and beyond to help us make sure mom is getting THE best possible care.

Mom has other challenging medical issues along with her dementia and has been in and out of hospitals. Lauren has helped us in dealing with the many issues that have arisen during these very trying months. She has helped us in making the split second decisions that we have had to make and found resources When we would have been at a loss.

She will work tirelessly, and into the late hours of the evening, if need be to ensure that mom is getting the help that she needs. She treats all of her clients as if they were family. I feel as though she is part of the family. And she is such a calming presence for us when things seem to be out of control. I feel at peace with every decision made on mom’s behalf. I just could not do this without her. She is an amazing person.

Not only does Lauren have expertise in finding the right services and living situations for mom, she has taught us so much about communicating with mom in her new reality. She has taught us how to identify triggers that might confuse mom and cause aggitation. We have a much better grasp of mom’s “reality” thanks to Lauren.

~ Sheri Wendel for Carol Langner , Torrance, California

Lauren understands the issues that older people face, and treats them with respect and dignity. When Lauren met my mother-in-law, she took the time to get to know her better and was genuinely interested in hearing her life story. This really put her at ease. I highly recommend Lauren because of her trustworthiness, her vast knowledge of elder care issues and resources, and her compassion for elderly people and the families that love them.

~ Susan A., Hawthorne, CA

I used Lauren’s services to help me care for my 83 year-old father who suffered from dementia as well as other health issues. Lauren worked hard to ensure that he had the care that was necessary for him. She strongly advocated for him when dealing with doctors, hospitals and government agencies (such as Medicare).

Her dedication to my father’s care and well-being was priceless to him and to me and my family. I did not live in the same state as my father so having Lauren there for him and for me was crucial. She literally became my eyes and ears.

In addition, Lauren did a great job of keeping me informed through every aspect of my father’s care. She was always available to answer my questions which was so comforting. Her immense knowledge of elder care issues and the available resources allows her to give very good advice and make sound recommendations.

Sadly, my father passed away recently. I will forever be grateful for Lauren’s kindness and support as I managed the final arrangements. Working with Lauren to provide care, support and advocacy for my father was the best decision I could have made.

~ Lee Lamirault, Hillsboro, Oregon

Lauren’s experience in the field of aging, and particularly dementia care, is extensive. Her expertise is regularly tapped by the media and groups interested in learning more about elder-care issues. But beyond the competence and knowledge, Lauren’s true gift to our family was her deep empathy and preemptive communication skills. Lauren set up a system of gathering daily information from the caregivers and medical professionals, evaluating the implications of the day’s reports, and then effectively communicating them to the family. I received daily (and often more frequent) updates from Lauren which could then be shared with the rest of my siblings via text or email. This allowed all family members to be informed and offer their feedback efficiently.

Throughout the final six months of Dad’s illness, Lauren intuitively understood the various phases of concern and grief that we were each experiencing. She offered her heart and her hugs as we tried our best to make Dad’s final weeks comfortable, happy and memorable. She was our rock during the most difficult time our family has ever experienced. Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful I am to have had her alongside us on this journey.

I highly recommend Lauren’s services. If anyone would like to speak to me directly (please ask for contact info).

~ Claudia Rossberg McClain, Everett, WA

As a health care professional myself I have worked with a number of care providers and managers. With that said I have found Lauren’s professionalism, knowledge, advocacy for clients, and overall care to be above and beyond what I could hope for and I find that she is first-rate in her industry. She treats each client and their family with amazing compassion and understanding. A major trait I look for in a care manager is someone who is able to work well with the treatment team and navigate recommendations from the team to the family and client. Lauren does this seamlessly! She is able to not only translate medical and legal jargon into understandable information for families, but also has a knack for keeping all professionals involved on the same page. All while helping move clients and their families forward to ensure the treatment teams recommendations are being implemented appropriately. I am so glad that I have found a professional care manager who I can highly recommend to client.

~ Seraina Naef, Psy.D

It was overwhelming and stressful trying to determine the appropriate care for our parents in declining health. Lauren has been a godsend to our family! She is knowledgeable, compassionate and very responsive. For the past seven months she has coached us and provided strategies, advice and next steps. Our journey continues, but with Lauren as our care manager, we are confident that we are providing the right care. Thank you Lauren!

~ Karen Sidney

We are now a client of Lauren Spiglanin of Family Connect Care. Her entire focus is on the appropriate care and dignity of the senior in distress and she helped our family appraise our situation and move forward quickly with a care management plan that worked for everyone involved. Lauren is knowledgeable, compassionate and professional and I recommend her and her company wholeheartedly.

~ Charlene Nishimura

When my husband suffered a severe ischemic stroke in November, Lauren reached out letting me know that she was available for “anything I needed” in regards to navigating the ins and outs of the health care system.

Lauren’s calm, assured demeanor was extremely assuring during a time of extreme stress, confusion and uncertainty. Her knowledge of what to do in a variety of situations helped me stay focused on the most important task: Being completely focused on my husband’s recovery.

I was very impressed with Lauren’s knowledge of a wide variety of health care issues, and, if there was something she wasn’t well versed in, she made sure to research and find answers in a timely manner.

Lauren didn’t wait for me to ask questions, she anticipated my needs and addressed them pro-actively. Her commitment to serving us as well as her sincere caring went above and beyond.

I would highly recommend anyone needing information, advocacy or support during any health care management situation to contact Lauren Spiglanin.

~ Royce Morales, Redondo Beach

I am very grateful for Lauren Spiglanin’s expertise and compassion. I have known her for several years through a businesswomen’s group we attend and am very impressed with her knowledge and commitment to her clients and their families. I have been dealing with the aftermath of my father’s massive stroke, and Lauren’s coaching and recommendations were exactly what my family needed in learning to deal with a dementia patient, his changed behavior and the recovery process. Dad doesn’t live in the area and is not Lauren’s client, but she still offered to drive 200 miles to his home for an on-site evaluation if we needed it.

Lauren also provided tremendous value to a colleague of mine whose aged father needed to be placed into an assisted living program. My colleague had no idea where to begin or what to do, and Lauren’s guidance was invaluable. He continues to tell me how helpful she has been and how grateful he is for my referral to her.

Lauren has been a featured speaker for several organizations I attend, and I have learned so much from her presentations, as have the other attendees who were very vocal about how much value they received from her programs. I have watched Lauren interact with family members of her clients and am very impressed with her directness and ability to manage difficult situations to the benefit of her clients. I can heartily recommend her to anyone needing an advocate for elder care.

~ Kathy Gonzalez. Redondo Beach

Lauren has been a godsend since she was referred to me and became part of the care team tending to my parents. The moment Lauren came onboard she not only jumped right in to assist with most of the necessities and requirements of caring for my folks, but she brings an invaluable understanding of how to maximize care and services in the intersection where family, the medical field and elder care (senior living, assisted living, in-home care, etc.) meet to facilitate the most comfortable, compassionate setting. Lauren does this as a full-time job because caring for elder loved ones is a full-time job, and for someone like myself with a family of his own, a job and no siblings to share the weight, Lauren is an absolute blessing.

~ Dana Smart

Lauren came into a very touchy situation where various family members didn’t agree on the level of care our mother needed. She was so compassionate and loving with my mom and the rest of the family. Her respect for those that were caring for her as she explained very thoroughly the reasons for her recommendations was incredible. No one felt attacked or blamed, it was so easy to take the information she gave us and create the right environment for our mother. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who needs guidance and support when making difficult and emotional decisions regarding their loved ones care.

~ Bibi Goldstein

Lauren has a special gift when working with seniors and their families. She endeared herself to my mom within 5 minutes of meeting her. This was not an easy task as my mom is not a “people” person. Lauren was very thorough in her assessment of my mom’s condition as well as how to keep her safe and healthy in my home. She gave us very doable, affordable changes to make in mom’s wardrobe and my home, which gave me some much needed peace of mind.

~ Linda Buffington

Lauren is a beautifully caring and compassionate woman. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a client (elderly person) in need. I would want her on my team if I were no longer able to function well on my own! She is also a woman of vision, possessing forward and inclusive thinking, and wonderful organizational skills.

I have been impressed and inspired by Lauren on multiple occasions. She knows how to positively impact the lives of individuals dealing with loved ones with dementia.

~ Nancy Siskowic, Nurse Practitioner

Lauren is a consummate professional. She is honest, straightforward and possesses the highest level of integrity. While always remaining professional Lauren has a huge heart and knows the right words to get you and your family members through some of the toughest times in your lives. I trust her completely and thank her for her warm heart, expertise and knowledge. She will not only be a source for you to turn to for her priceless knowledge, but also for her kindness. She truly makes a difference.

~ Lisa-Marie Silver

Gifted by age is the endearing term coined by Lauren Spiglanin which reflects her respect for the Senior community. Lauren is a professional consultant in the field of geriatrics and provides the highest quality care for those who are gifted by age.

~ Lucia Johnson

I have had a relationship with Lauren for many years and can only say wonderful things about her. Her knowledge, compassion and support far surpass anyone else I have encountered in her field. Her genuine interest and the love she gives to the family and the patient is incredible. I highly recommend Lauren to any family in need of her loving service and support.

~ Linda Benecke