Family Connect Care prides itself on providing a comprehensive suite of services to assure a dignified, high quality of life for those dealing with dementia and their families. Our corse services include care management, transition care management, placement services, and in-home care services. We also:

  • Assess the level and type of care needed and develop a care plan
  • Advocate for the care recipient  and the family
  • Manage care for loved ones when families are out of town
  • Arrange for services of legal and  financial advisers
  • Provide assistance with placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes
  • Resolve family conflicts and other family  issues relating to long term care
  • Oversee and direct care provided at home l Coordinate efforts of key support systems
  • Coordinate medical appointments and  medical information
  • Assist with the monitoring of medications
  • Find appropriate solutions to avoid crisis l Assist families in positive decision-making
  • Develop long range plans for older loved  ones not now needing care

Fees for Services

Generally, there is a single one-time fee for a comprehensive geriatric care assessment. Once the assessment is reviewed with the client and family, if daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly care management services are selected, they are billed using an hourly rate.

The fees for other support services will vary depending upon the service, frequency and required follow-up. All fees for services are presented to the client and family in writing for their review and consent.

For your convenience we offer day, evening and weekend appointments.