Care Management

For more insight, see the six steps to care management.

Our primary job, our accountability to our clients, our commitment to their loved ones, and our passion has always been care management. Honestly, it’s a job we wish we didn’t have to do. Medical and health care providers should always look after the best interest of all patients/clients under their care, and they almost always have the best intentions and capabilities. The reality, however, is the health care system in general is overwhelmed by an aging population that’s living longer and longer. Dementia and other issues make caring for those patients that much more challenging. Care assurance is your best hope to ensure your loved ones receive the care and services you expect and they deserve.

Family Connect Care begins by assessing the client’s needs, consulting with family members and other caregivers, and formulates a Care Plan that specifies details for ongoing care management to assure the health and emotional well-being of our clients. The Care Plan describes frequency and duration of home or care facility visits, consultation with health care professionals, and frequency of written and verbal reports to the designated family members. Ongoing care management includes researching options for care, arranging for services, monitoring of services, telephone and email contact with the responsible party, the family, health care professionals, and service providers.

Family Connect Care  then carries out the Care Plan with frequent communication with the client’s family. Unlike many other care management practitioners, Family Connect Care maintains close contact with all caregivers placed with patients, including daily updates of basic health status, which may include blood pressure, blood sugar levels, medications administered, and more. We also visit patients as agreed-to in the care plan, typically at least once a week, at randomized and unannounced times and days to assure the best possible and most responsible care.

Please note that Family Connect Care does not give medical direction, opinions, or suggestions. We help assure that physicians’ orders are carried out and, when medical issues present themselves, we work closely with medical professionals to alert them, help them understand the details of the situation, and support their offering clear, informed medical direction.