Seeing to the best, dignified care of an aging loved one can cause stress on families and lead to conflict and drama, especially when time demands and financial burdens are shared disproportionately. This can lead to outright disagreement, family arguments, or even threats of legal action. Unfortunately, it’s the person in need of care who suffers as the family acts out on their disagreement. Fortunately, Lauren can help.

NACM_final-logoWhat families need in cases of disagreement is an impartial mediator, someone who can – as early in the development of the disagreement – help families reach a resolution to their dispute and arrive at an outcome that all family members can accept without escalating matters more.

Lauren is a certified mediator through the National Association of Certified Mediators and can help you resolve your dispute, whether it’s associated with the care of an aging loved one or not. She will avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. She helps improve communication between those involved and builds consensus to reach a settlement agreeable to everyone.

Mediation is both voluntary and confidential. It can only take place when those involved agree to the process, and the conversations will never be disclosed to anyone outside the mediation process.

If you think mediation can help you resolve your dispute or family conflict, please don’t hesitate to contact Lauren today.

Lauren Spiglanin
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