Placement Services

Why Use Family Connect Care for Placement?

Placement is a term widely used to describe selecting a housing facility and transitioning there. One of the questions we hear often is why you should engage our services to assist with placing your loved one, especially when there are many free placement services.

  1. Family Connect Care does not charge for placement services
    Placement agencies do not work for you. Their “service” is free to you because they are paid by facilities and communities when your loved one is successfully placed. They do not refer to facilities they do not have arrangements with. They also typically (with few exceptions) do not help with the placement itself, whether it’s assessing the person needing care to determine which facilities are appropriate, arranging for private tours, or negotiating rates. You may already have contacted a placement agency without knowing it. The largest placement services offer free information after you provide some basic information. We have clients who report being barraged by phone calls from facilities after obtaining “free” information from the web.
    Family Connect Care can and does work with virtually any facility, not just in our local area, but nationwide. We have successfully placed many clients outside of our traditional service area and in other states. Unlike the large placement agencies, we work to understand the unique care needs as well as the personality of the person needing care to assure an appropriate placement. We work with many facilities so we understand the unique characteristics of each, which can help with ensuring the right match between a facility and the person needing care. We then continue to provide services, working with the facility to assure a smooth transition and even help with the voluminous paperwork required. If you have long term care insurance, we also work with you to successfully submit your claim for monthly benefits.
  2. Family Connect Care provides transitional care management before placement, at no additional cost to the family
    Placement is only rarely a simple process. Every facility is different, as is each person needing care, so it’s critically important to match the two during the placement process. This helps ensure the selected facility meets the needs of the person needing care, which includes matching memory needs, physical needs, social needs, medical needs, and financial needs. When Family Connect Care gets involved, a placement begins with an interview (if we haven’t previously done a full assessment) so the spectrum of needs can be assessed and the specific needs of the family identified. We then make calls and perform site visits to narrow down options and simplify what is often a daunting process for families. Site visits are then conducted with families, who make the ultimate decision but with strong support from us. We then help with all arrangements needed to move the new resident from his or her current situation, whether it’s a home, hospital, nursing facility, or another residential facility. It can be a complicated and stressful process for families, so we do everything we can to make the transition go smoothly.
  3. Family Connect Care provides transitional care management throughout and after placement
    In all placements, our goal is to get it right the first time. Moving is a stressful experience, even more so for the elderly and memory-impaired, so we do our best to achieve the perfect pairing of resident with facility. Sometimes, however, plans go awry. For this reason, we provide transitional care management throughout the move, including a series of site visits to monitor the transition. We ensure the social, medical, physical, and memory needs of the resident are being met. If something is amiss, as is often the case, we work to get that corrected immediately.In rare occasions, the match between resident and facility fails, or the resident’s spectrum of needs changes. We are never out of the picture and ready to help remedy the placement, starting with developing a thorough understanding of the situation and why it’s no longer acceptable so the correction is the right move.

Another question we hear is, “Is it better to work with a placement agency that has contracts with all local homes and communities, because they’re completely unbiased?”
Traditional placement agencies do not have contracts with all local homes and communities. Facilities, whether large communities or small board-and-care homes, are each different. They pay referrals in different amounts, and in different ways. In some cases, they don’t pay referral fees at all. If you’re working with a placement agency, their customer is the facility and not the family in need. There is no incentive to negotiate on your behalf for a better rate. Having contracts with “all” facilities in a given area (something we’ve heard, but does not exist) is no guarantee someone is working in your best interest.

Family Connect Care is transparent in all services, including placement. Our chief concern is always to identify the right placement that meets the needs of the resident and within the budget of the family. We always negotiate with facilities where possible, always advocating for our clients.

Southern California

In addition to extraordinary care management services, Family Connect Care can also help place your loved one in a residential community, board-and-care facility, transitional care facility, or skilled nursing facility when needed. We do all the legwork for you, but it’s critical to have a full conversation with us to discuss your parameters and needs, and the needs of your loved ones. We’ll then contact facilities that match your requirements, determine availability and appropriateness based on specific medical circumstances, and help in the transfer and transition process. There is usually no charge for placement services, and only a small charge if an assessment and report are needed.

We understand that the decision to place a loved one in a facility can difficult and families want as much information as possible. We are happy to provide this information and to arrange for facility tours. It is important however to work with us, resisting the temptation to arrange facility visits on your own, which is most often a waste of time and energy. Every facility has its unique characteristics, and we work to understand the person needing placement well to optimally identify the facilities that are most appropriate for his or her particular circumstances.

Out-of-area and out-of-state placement

We specialize in helping families locate residences out of the area or state, most often done when a family member desires to have their loved one within easy visiting distance. This may be a person who lives in the Southern California but needs a residence in some other location, or lives out of state and needs a place in Southern California.

We not only arrange facility tours and negotiate on behalf of the family, but we can help with travel arrangements including medically appropriate transportation to/from airports and provide traveling caregivers as needed. We also offer transition care services as needed to ease such critical transitions, especially when memory impairments are an issue.

Ethnic and cultural placement

Especially among the chronologically gifted, a person often relate strongly to ethnic or cultural roots. This is even more true when English is not his or her native language. We strive to find the best overall placement for every one of our clients, and that includes recognizing the need to be among others with common backgrounds or experiences, or can communicate in a shared native language.