Memory Care Homes

in Torrance, California.
Family owned. Caring like family.

1747 Greenwood Ave.
Torrance, CA 90505
(424) 558-3444

3414 W. 226th St.
Torrance, CA 90505
(424) 250-9307

About Us

New Memory Care Homes In Torrance, CA

Safe! Cheerful! Stimulating!

Our homes are designed for those with cognitive challenges, dementia, or Alzheimer’s and are built as family settings. Imagine all the safety precautions, comforts, and cheer of a newly remodeled home with the ability to garden, paint on murals, and take in the sun rays on the patio. Families and residents are at ease knowing that professional care management is ensuring their best quality of life and dignity, including music, custom meal plans, outings, pet love, and entertainment!

Families and residents are at ease knowing that professional care management is ensuring their best quality of life and dignity, including music, our STIMULI Program, custom meal plans, outings, pet love, and entertainment!


Dedicated to the fight against trauma and/or age-related cognitive decline.

Why Choose Us

Medical Care, Safety, and the Ability to Thrive.

24/7 Nursing care, alarms, monitoring, communication with care providers and families, and personal validation. We believe that “care” includes helping our residents thrive!

Family owned. Caring like family.

“Home” is a very special word that should inspire a feeling of love, safety, comfort, and the ability to live as one wishes. Loved ones with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory care needs deserve that and more. Our Family Connect Memory Care Homes offer a safe, state-of-the-art designed family environment with programs that ensure that residents feel truly at home. It is far from an institutional setting! Our rooms are bright, colorful, and cheerful. Our menus cater to individual needs and likes; and our days are full of activities and stimulation!



New research is constantly being done on memory care, and the more we learn, the better we can serve our clients. That’s why we are incorporating new programs like PIXIE. PIXIE is a testing and monitoring system for urinary tract infections in the elderly. To learn more, visit or contact LAUREN.

Food & Drink

In-Home Meal Service

Exceptional Culinary Program

Residents are given choices at mealtime

Specific Nutritional Programs Accommodated

Thriving in the comfort of a meticulously designed home…

Families will enjoy visiting their loved ones in this cheerful setting.

We offer…

a wide range of care features and other amenities not commonly found in a 6-bed, home-like setting. Your loved one will receive exceptional care and attention to his or her individual needs.


We offer a secure, safe home with motion monitoring, alarms, and webcams


Comfortable and serene coastal-inspired environment


Furnished rooms, or bring your own – increasing a sense of familiarity

Licensed Nurse On-Site 24/7

Home Health Services and licensed nurse always on-site

Hygiene & Grooming

Daily laundry and housekeeping


Fully remodeled homes by Memory Care certified professionals, to proper code

Certified Caregivers

Caregivers certified in Memory Care needs. Care Manager oversees residents’ care plans

Medication Management

We not only help with administering medications, but make sure prescriptions are always renewed on time and that doses are appropriate.


Communication as needed with family by phone, email, text, and Facebook.

Free WiFi

Residents and visitors alike have constant internet access in our memory care homes.

Family Connect Care Memory Homes offer activities to stimulate those afflicted with dementia from the time they get up to when they go to sleep.

Relax knowing your loved one is well cared for.

Contact Us:


(310) 383-1877
Torrance, California


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